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Tool Design


  • Superior Tool Design: The blades are positioned 45 degrees ahead of the radial line so the action is shaving the  wood smoothly rather than chopping the wood. This is very important with highly figured grain pattern wood. The blades must be positioned no more than .030 of an inch out of the brass casting for proper operation after resharpening.
  • Depth of Cut: The maximum depth of cut is 1/8 of an inch which is the Height of the step in the casting opposite the edge of the blades. no attempt should be made to make cuts in the wood deeper than 1/8 of an inch. Shallower cuts of course can be made as desired.
  • Top of Blade Relief: The upper corner of the outboard side of the blades are given and ample radius relief to avoid the blade catching part of the operators garment and causing potential injury.